Candles with a Conscience



I'm Alex, a practicing pagan since 2018 and have been making candles for just as long. I started candle making as a way to have access to small, unscented candles that I could use to practice my faith. 

At some point recently my teenage years disappeared as I started my 20s, and I thought what better time to try hard things and potentially fail. Considering it took me upwards of 3 years to figure out what my gender is, sometimes failure is just part of the journey. (My pronouns are they/them/themself, and Nov/Nova/Novaself)

I express my gender and relationship preferences freely and with flexibility, as I am proud of my asexual, trans-gender-neutral, queer self. I want to show my support for other members of the community with my Happy candle line of various flags, regardless of how labor-intensive they are to make.

My ADHD (and likely undiagnosed autism) can make it difficult to focus a lot of times, but candle making helps me burn off excess energy and sort through my brain to better focus. I also regularly battle major depression and anxiety, but I try not to let it get the best of me. I'm not always successful though, and it's for others having bad days too that I donate a portion of all sales to the Trevor Project to help battle LGBT suicide.


The wax I use for containers is an all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan soy wax blend from AAK Botanical Solutions. It is clean-burning, environmentally friendly, and is known for those beautiful smooth tops.

All wicks used are braided cotton wicks with paper woven into the threads. They are lead and zinc-free, though they do require a small amount of maintenance under specific circumstances. If soot begins to build up on the wick or container, the candle should be allowed to cool and the soot should be cleaned off.

Fragrances are 100% free of phthalates of any kind, and fragrances that contain potential allergens are being gradually phased out and allergen information about each fragrance is carefully documented. New scents are free of any questionable chemicals such as Nitro Musks, which I completed phasing out of my products in January 2021. The old fragrances are still available while supplies last under Sale.


I'm happy to help!

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Located in Castle Rock, Colorado

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