Our Story

Rise from Turmoil

Gayest Witch began in 2020, after a long quarantine left founder and Norse Pagan Alex Duckworth unable to find a job. What began as a small venture online quickly spread in local workplaces, with steady growth. Attempting to get a fledgling candle business off the ground amidst a shortage of cash, glass, and jar lids, the first several months were difficult. Nevertheless, they persisted.

With help from friends and family, Alex was able to grow the business so it had earned half of the startup costs in a month. Supply orders began as little as $20 in an effort to conserve funds, but quickly grew to $50, to $80, to $100 with each order. Still a new business, Alex was able to migrate away from their starting marketplace and get their own website to display and express themselves freely.

Alex Duckworth is a practicing Pagan of 4 years, recently having shifting towards the Norse practices of their ancestors. They specialize in divination work in the form of tarot and pendulum readings, however they also use more passive magic in crystal jewelry and pendents. They have had Artemis and Skadi as patrons thus far.

Their customizable hypoallergenic candles are made from an all-natural soy wax, and soaps are made from a soap base with added ingredients such as honey, sugar, and essential oils. Packaging is made from recycled or compostable materials with no plastic of any kind. Candles are made in reusable glass jelly jars with metal lids, while wax melts and soaps are packaged in paper with zero waste.