Allergen + Safety Information

Aspects Candle Design LLC Allergen and Safety Information

This document is intended to alert consumers of potential ingredients or chemicals in the fragrance oils I use that are known to cause allergic reactions. These will be gradually phased out as they sell down, and their use does not affect the safety of the candle when properly used. Please note that the information below is with current information and is subject to change at any time.

Not every supplier is transparent about the nitro musk present in their fragrances, though I have an allergy to nitro musk myself, and use that as a primary detector of whether or not nitro musk is present. I will provide detailed figures when available, and a simple "unknown" when unavailable. Those scents will be replaced, but original scents will be available until they sell out.

This document also outlines important safety information addressing any potential benefits and hazards to utilizing some fragrances for aromatherapy. It also includes sources for both the benefits and drawbacks of each fragrance for customers to do further research on their own.