Frequently asked questions

Why do you bold a lot of words in your news updates?

Thanks for asking! I do this because it helps readability in some people with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, and other conditions that can affect the ability to process written language. I am also included in this group, as I have ADHD and likely undiagnosed autism, and bolding important words and phrases makes it easier for me to proofread the updates before I post them! TL;DR, I do this to increase accessibility for my updates and blog posts.

Why does it take so long to ship a candle?

Simply put: I can't afford to keep inventory. I can keep the supplies on hand, but with roughly 700 variations on products, I simply can't stock them. It is likely I will begin to keep inventory once I have more robust sales data on what are the most popular sizes and fragrances, but "it is not this day". On top of that, different candles take differing amounts of time to make. Some candles I can have made and cooled and boxed up in 15 minutes, others take me 6 hours, and I allow 5 days to cure for optimal scent throw. This gives me (and you!) a finer control over the intensity of the scent, and you can always request a different curing time when you order by sending me a message!

Why are the Happy Candles so expensive?

The Happy Series is my pride and joy, but they take 4-6 hours to make each. I am wokring on speeding up that time drastically, but those measures have yet to be implemented, as little has proven effective yet. Beyond simply improving my equipment to get an industrial wax melter (which is over $1,000!) that allows me to keep my wax at a consistent temperature, most of the time to make the Happy Series is from heating and cooling time for each layer - the more layers, the longer it takes to make.