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Aspects Candle Design is run by Alex "Nova" Duckworth, who founded the company as an eco-friendly candle store in central Virginia. They have since relocated to Castle Rock, Colorado with their family, and rebuilt Aspects from the ground up, centered around premium, custom candles with premium customer service to match.

Aspects was founded on principles of honesty, giving back to the community, and the value in art, no matter the form. Currently a one-person design team, Alex will sit down with you personally and help you bring your vision to life, and will craft the fragrance of your dreams. Not sure where to start? No problem! Alex will help you uncover your favorite fragrances and guide you through the entire process from color to size to the finishing touches.

All candles by Aspects designers are hand-poured and made-to-order just for you, with careful attention to detail ensuring a product that will turn heads and start conversations.

About Alex


Alex "Nova" Duckworth has been making candles since 2018, and has worked as a professional designer since they were seventeen. In 2020, the pandemic forced them out of college and they founded Aspects Candle Design as an outlet for their creativity and love for doing the impossible.

They specialize in striped and marbled soy candles, and developed their own marbling technique that reaches into the core of the candle, instead of simply surface-level color. Their journey has been one of struggle and success, and they strive for every customer to leave with the candles they need for every occasion.

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