Anniversary Update

It's officially December! Which means soon, Aspects Candle Design LLC will be celebrating its One Year Anniversary! Thank you to everyone who has helped me develop and grow this company based on ethics and dignity.

To celebrate one year of Aspects, I am running a special promotion: all Happy Candles will be 30% off for the month of December, with new patterns being released regularly throughout the month. I have been hosting polls on Twitter asking which flags and designs people would like to see next, so if you want your voice to be heard, head on over and cast your vote!

Limited Edition Design

Only for the month of December, the special edition Anniversary Candle, featuring Aspects' brand colors of Blue, Black, and Silver, will be available for purchase. It is considered part of the Happy Candle series, and as such, is priced equal to the other Happy Candles!

As an added bonus, 50% of profits from each Happy Candle sale will be donated to a survival GoFundMe, and specifically which is remaining anonymous both for the benefactor's security but also it's intended to be a surprise. It is for an LGBT+ friend of mine who lives in an abusive household, and is trying to get by long enough to move out with myself and another mutual friend.

I'm hoping to donate $100 to the fund, or approximately four 8.5oz Happy Candles. If we could get to $500, that would be incredible... and quite a few candles. (22 XL Candles, roughly) It may not be enough to get him out here to Colorado, but it will certainly ease some of the stress he feels each New Year.

A Look Ahead

With the New Year just around the corner, I am looking at expanding Aspects to include more than candles. Candles will still be my specialty, but currently I am working on logistics for cards, keychains, and fully customized candle designs. I'm hoping to start rolling out these new products in early January, but for now, I'm running a Twitter Poll where you can make your voice heard on the matter.

Stay awesome everyone,

The Witch

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