Early March Updates

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

February has been a hell of a month, with rollercoasters both related to weather and my own emotional brain. Some of your might've noticed some changes gradually sweeping across the website. I'll go over what's going on in this post.


  • Easter Sale begins March 1st, and will run through March 28th. Use promo code EASTER21 at checkout to save 15% on your entire order.

  • To better reflect the price changes, The listed base price will raise from $10 to $13. None of the prices themselves are changing, just how they are presented in an effort to be more transparent.

  • Colors are being condensed to two options per fragrance - a color, brown, or grey, and white.

  • The Allergen Information page has been updated to include safety information regarding essential oils, as well as reported benefits of different types of aromatherapy.

  • The new fragrances have been added to the store, and are marked as "New Arrival"

  • Massive supply chain interruptions have resulted in multiple sizes being unavailable until mid to late March at the earliest.

  • New, non-candle products are currently in the works and I will release more information as development continues

Product Updates

Many small changes have been made to each individual item, starting with the Aromas series. More small amendments will be made as the weeks go on, but for now, I updated the listed base price displayed on the website. Where it used to say a candle started at $10, it now says $13, to better reflect the price fluctuations that come with shifting from a hobby to a business.

For the sake of my sanity, I have condensed the color options available for each fragrance. All fragrances are still available in white, however the "choose-any-color" model was wearing on my mental health and was incredibly time-consuming to maintain. As a result, I have included one color related to the fragrance in addition to white. (For example, a tangerine candle is available in white and orange.) I have also added digital color swatches of each available color, however colors may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process and display settings on your computer. This color change has been applied site-wide, with Unscented candles being the only ones available in any color.

I have heard your feedback and sizing has been updated. Instead of displaying the ounces of wax, I have adjusted the sizing methodology to reflect the information you said you wanted to see. The current available sizes are:

  • Small Tin (15 Hours) - Out of Stock until mid-March

  • Medium Tin (17 Hours)

  • Large Jar (30 Hours) - Out of Stock. Restock Date Unknown

  • X-Large Jar (42.5 Hours)

These burn times are estimates based on ideal conditions, and I will be updated my candle care guide to include additional tips on achieving the maximum life of your candle.

In an effort to better determine shipping prices, I have also added approximate weights for each product size. If you notice a shift in shipping costs, this is the likely culprit. Just a reminder though that shipping prices will likely shift again after Aspects moves to Colorado. Thank you for being with me on this crazy adventure!

Easter Is Coming Up!

With Easter in about a month, my Easter Sale starts now! Use code EASTER21 at checkout to save 15% on your entire order. In order for orders to be made in time for Easter this year, orders must be placed by March 21st.

The sale will run until March 29th, after which, I am currently on the fence about ceasing order fulfillment for a few weeks to a month in order to re-evaluate and take some much-needed time to myself. I am hoping to be able to avoid this, however, and will keep posting updates on new developments as regularly as I am able. I will also send an email with each update so that you can stay informed, so if you aren't already, consider subscribing using the form at the bottom of the page!

Fragrance Updates

You might've noticed that fragrances are now sorted by scent as opposed to season. This decision was made to make it easier for you to find your favorites, or something new! Fragrances are also across multiple categories, (Fruit + Floral Aromas is listed in Fruit, Food, and Floral) when a fragrance was in a grey area. As such, scents like Tea Tree, Cinnamon Leaf, and Cinnamon Stick are all under "Spice", despite Cinnamon Stick being the only true "spice" listed.

New fragrances have been added! It's quite a list, but I have gone through my entire fragrance library and updated it. Replacements for all but the Zodiacs have been finished (see below) and include the following:

New Zodiac fragrances will be added as they are developed. These are complex, multi-layer fragrances that require time and experimentation in order to best re-create the originals. The Zodiacs which have been discontinued have been marked as such and say "Original" in the title. These do not contain phthalates, however they may contain small amount to nitro musks. If you're not terribly concerned about that, or just prefer the original fragrance, the original fragrances will be listed until sold out, at which point the listing will be removed.

Allergen Information

The Allergen Information page now also includes important safety information and potential benefits of the essential oils present in the Aromas line. It also details the allergen information relating to the new fragrances that have been released.

Restocking Interruptions

Due to massive supply chain interruptions as a result of COVID and severe weather, several sizes are going to be out of stock until, hopefully, end of March at the latest. However, I, nor my suppliers, can promise anything at the moment because of the aforementioned reasons.

Coming Soon

I have a lot going on behind-the-scenes at the moment, which I'm hoping to stream more often than I have been. New candle designs, sizes, and products are in the works, as well as some other handmade options including, potentially, handmade cards, keychains, and stickers. I am super excited for all of these upcoming additions, and will keep you all updated as progress is made!


Okay, that was a long one! Thanks so much if you read all of that!

I'm super excited for what the future has in store, and I hope you'll be there with me along this crazy journey as I try to figure out what the hell I'm actually doing!

Until next time,

The Witch

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