End-of-January Updates

It's been a hell of a month, so I'll try to keep this brief.


  • Valentine's Day sale is now, orders must be placed by February 7th to be in time for Valentine's Day. I am not responsible for shipping delays, and the Valentine's Day sale ends after February 14th.

  • Turnaround times are currently longer than expected due to a surge in candle requests, but I will continue to work as quickly as I can to ensure all orders go out on time.

  • Aspects Candle Design is now livestreaming on Twitch! Check me out at https://twitch.tv/alevicsca Streams are hanging out, making candles, and you may get to see your own candle being made live!

  • New Products are available, including a 10% discount for buying more than 5 votives at once when you contact me about placing an order of votives. The Zodiac series also has elemental packs now, which allow you to buy 3 Zodiacs and save approx. 15%.

  • An ongoing glass shortage has resulted in all 6oz jars currently being out of stock. They have been replaced by the 8.5oz jars for the time being.

Valentine's Day + Turnaround

The Valentine's Day sale is officially on! You can use promo code VAL2021 through February 14th to save 15% off everything when you order online. If you want the best chance of your order being finished by Valentine's Day, order before February 7th, but the earlier the better!

I am currently experiencing an influx of candle requests and orders along with two major displays I am preparing for locally. Please be patient and I will have your order shipped as soon as possible, though I am not responsible for any shipping delays.

Live on Twitch!

If you'd like to hang out and watch candling online for free, head to https://twitch.tv/alevicsca to potentially see your order being prepared live! Feel free to pop in and chill, ask questions, and just vibe with the community!

New Products

There are multiple new products out with more on the way. The first set of new products are the 8.5oz Zodiac Jar Candles now available for $27, or you can buy a 3-pack of Zodiac candles based on four elements of magic (fire, water, air, earth) for $75 and save on each candle.

Low Stock

Due to an ongoing glass shortage, all 6oz jelly jars are currently out of stock, and have been been temporarily replaced with the 8.5oz tumbler jars. Images of the new jars are not live yet, however you can see them on Instagram or Twitch.

Thank you all so much, and I hope you have a happy rest of your January!

The Witch

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