Look Ahead: Spring 2022

Happy New Year! And thank you to everyone who supported me during the anniversary celebration! Being open with you, I was hoping for more sales for the holidays, but with everything going on, I can't say I'm super surprised, and I definitely don't fault anyone for an underwhelming end to 2021.

Besides, good riddance to 2021.

Recap: January 2022

I figured I'd offer a quick recap of the first month of the new year, as it has been a lot. To kick off the month, the electrical outlet I use for my candle making broke, and we had to get that fixed, then my recording equipment for the streams broke, and I'm working on saving up for the replacements. As of the halfway point of the month, I caught COVID-19, and ended up going to the Emergency Room. I'm doing much better now, and am on the road to recovery, but that wasn't fun. It still isn't fun, but at least it seems to almost be over.

Look Ahead: February 2022

For the entire month, a special limited-edition bundle will be available for purchase. It includes the Small, 15-hour tins for Ruby Rose, Red + Rose, and last year's Love Potion returning. Love Potion will also be available individually for the month of February. Bundling the three seasonal fragrances together will save you almost 25% though!

Look Ahead: March through May and Beyond

I've got a few projects in the works that I'm hoping will be ready by the end of April. Dates have yet to be determined as tax season approaches, but complete candle customization, new patterns and designs, new sizes, and the first trials of a seasonal curated candle box are all in the works, planning to be released throughout the year. A brief summary of each are below.

Completely Customized Candles: Consult with me personally to create the perfect candle for you. Control everything from color, fragrance blend, size, and style. Currently planning to include video footage of your custom candle being made as part of the package.

New Patterns and Designs: Finishing the designs for the Happy Candles, as voted by you on Twitter, and listing those. Also in the works: Birthstone Candles, Expanded Zodiac Line, and (further down the road) carved candle designs. Also planning to make decorative candles such as glitter, embeds, and a new dye pattern.

New Sizes: Short Pillar Candles are on my radar for the future. If popular, additional pillar sizes may be added. Votive candles will be reworked and given their own section of the site. (If you'd like a pack of votive candles now, feel free to reach out!)

Curated Candle Box: This is my largest project at the moment, a seasonal candle box that includes a full-size curated candle based on what you may like (curated candles are dependent on a survey that I would request you fill out prior to the box being launched). Logistics and assembling the first boxes are in the works, but boxes are estimated to be released each season with only ten boxes available at launch, so keep your eyes peeled here and on my social media! (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the form.)


So, that's it for announcements for the upcoming season. A lot has been happening in my personal life, so I apologize for my silence, but I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and I hope you're as excited for 2022 as I am!

As always, thanks for all of your love and support and I will see you again in the next update!

The Witch