New Year Updates

Okay, got a lot to cover; a lot has changed. Rest assured, the candles you've grown to love have not changed, the line merely expanded.


  • Zodiac-themed candles are now available.

  • Aspects Candle Design will be donating a portion of all sales to the Trevor Project to fight suicide among LGBT youth.

  • Aspects Candle Design has expanded to serve Canadian customers!

  • Gayest Witch is now rebranded as Aspects Candle Design. This is primarily done for safety reasons.

  • Gayest Witch branded candles will still be available at the Cville Arts Cooperative Gallery in Charlottesville


Due to a number of safety reasons, which I have outlined in more detail below, Gayest Witch has now been rebranded as Aspects Candle Design, LLC. The logo remains the same, but several of the fonts and designs have been adjusted. Rest assured, I have not altered the process with which I use to craft your candles.

Due to raised tensions socially and politically, and a concern about not only my own safety but also the safety of my customers, I have made the difficult decision to rebrand Gayest Witch as Aspects Candle Design, and have since incorporated as Aspects Candle Design, LLC.

If you would like to continue to get Gayest Witch branded candles, you can pick them up at the Cville Arts Cooperative Gallery on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, VA.

Canadian Customers

Aspects Candle Design is now shipping to all provinces in Canada, including Quebec! Checkout may appear slightly different for all customers to accommodate this change. Due to potential customs delays in this time, delivery dates are estimates only, and customers are responsible for any customs fees.

Pledge to Donate

I pledge to donate a portion of each sale to The Trevor Project, to aid in the fight against conversion therapy and suicide among LGBT youth. This figure will start at 1% for Aspect's first year in business, and increase by 1% each subsequent year the company remains in business.

Example: 2021, 1% donated; 2022, 2% donated; 2023, 3% donated; etc...

To learn more about The Trevor Project and their mission, visit their website at or view their 2020 survey of LGBTQ Youth here.

Zodiac Series

The first set of Zodiac Series candles are now available for purchase. Each sign is paired with a fragrance that corresponds to the sign's time of year. Example: Scorpio is primarily a fall sign, so the scent is fall-related. Further releases are planned for the future to include scents aligned with the personality and historical themes of each sign.

Thank you so much to everyone who has provided their continued support of Aspects Candle Design as things change and evolve, and here's hoping 2021 is just a bit brighter.

The Witch

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