November Update

So, long time no update. Sorry about that. It's been a long, exhausting, and busy few months, and I wanted to reach out to fill you in on what's new, what's coming, and what's happened during this break.

The Past

So it's been a few months since my last update, and a lot had changed on the back end of things. The Colorado move has really allowed me to reassess what I want from life, the universe, and everything else.

I've been working on a few projects behind-the-scenes that have taken up most of my time with the business, however these have been logistical nightmares. More information is on the way soon, so keep an eye out for an announcement here and on social media.

I also took a social media break for a while, just feeling overwhelmed with pressure to post something every day, several times a day, to get likes and clicks and everything else. My social media is supposed to be a way for you to connect with me and stay up to date on what I've been up to, not a means of judging my self-worth.

The Present

Right now, I am currently undertaking the massive project of organizing the basement where I work. This involves new shelving, storage, packaging, note-taking, and more. I'll post some updates to my Instagram as I make progress, but I have a new fragrance cabinet, added overstock shelves, and mounted several pegboards to the wall to allow for faster access to my tools. (Update: Due to a recent injury, this project has been temporarily suspended and candle orders are currently taking longer as I am forced to work around this while I wait to see a specialist. I'm okay, just temporarily disabled and reliant on a cane, which makes certain designs difficult. This will last until through the holiday season, unfortunately, so order now to ensure arrival in time.)

I'm also developing some custom candles as gifts to my friends for Yule this year, along with making a jacket for my mom, so that's taken a lot of time. I'll post pictures of the candles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram once they're done so you can see what I've been making. If you also want to see the jacket once it's finished, give me a shout on social media!

There are also several new scents available! Check out Autumn Amber, Lake Amber, and Fireside below! Pumpkin Pie has also been revamped with my new health and safety standards, and it smells delicious! The Allergen Information Page has also been updated to better reflect the site layout.

While working on all of this, plus my other responsibilities and obligations, I managed to severely burn myself out. This (combined with the aforementioned injury) has demanded that I take time for self-care and to recover physically and mentally. I'm hoping it won't take too long to recover from burnout, but my injury will be at least two weeks, but likely longer, as there is a high chance of needing specialized medicine to heal it. (I'll be okay, it'll just take time.)

The Future

Okay, so that's what's happened and happening, now for what's down the road.

Aspects' Anniversary

Aspects Candle Design LLC's one-year anniversary is fast-approaching, and I will be celebrating all of December with a Limited Edition One-Year Anniversary Candle! It will be in a new style I'm developing, and showcase Aspects' colors: Blue, Silver, and Black. The Anniversary Candle will see half of all profits from each sale donated to the survival fund of a Transgender friend of mine who has found himself in financial trouble. There will also be an Anniversary Stream on Twitch where all tips will be donated to the Trevor Project. Subscribe to the mailing list or on Twitch to be the first to know when the stream will air! Other options are following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which will be updated the day after the initial announcement.

Denver Art Society Membership

I am currently working on joining the Denver Art Society on Santa Fe in Denver, Colorado. I am hoping to not only display my candles there, but also have a studio space of my own that will be open for visitors on the First Friday Art Walk every month. Stay tuned for updates!

Expanding Products

I am looking into possibly expanding Aspects Candle Design's product lines to include other gift-able items such as cards, jewelry, and soaps. However, this is still very early in development, and updates will be released as progress is made.

Candle Boxes

Another project early in development is the Candle Discovery Box, and the Candles of the Season Box, among others. These gift boxes will allow candle lovers new and experienced to explore and share their love with themselves and others. The Discovery Box will include four to six small tins perfect for trying out new scents, while the Seasonal Box will include a collection of candles fit for the upcoming season.

There is also a secret project in the works, but all I will say on it right now is that it is tailored to your favorite scents and will only be available for a limited run.


That's all the updates I have for now, but keep an eye out for future updates on projects, sales, and designs here, on the email list, and all social media channels!

Until then, I wish you all a Happy Autumn, and will see you in the next update!

The Witch

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