• Aspects has officially relocated to Castle Rock, Colorado! I have been in touch with several local establishments to hopefully get Aspects Candles some shelf space!

  • Orders are no longer suspended so feel free to pick up those fragrances that you've been eyeing for these past weeks!

  • Rush Orders are now available! Just add the "Rush Order" product to your order!

  • New Products are coming soon! So stay tuned and check out Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date, or subscribe to the mailing list!


It's official! Aspects Candle Design has a new studio space in Castle Rock, Colorado! Once I adjust to the altitude, I will resume product development and research to continue to create the best products I can! I am doing my best to take care of myself, stay hydrated, and unpack all while managing some new developments at Aspects.

While product development is suspended for one more week, Order Fulfillment has been resumed! My turnaround time remains between 7-12 days (the average turnaround time has been roughly 7.8 days), as I do not start on an order until the 48 hour cancellation window has passed.

Rush Orders

Need an order in a few days? Add "Rush Order" to your cart and skip the 48 hour cancellation window, and potentially have an order shipped the same day! Rush Orders typically take 1-2 days to complete, and if you need expedited shipping, select "Priority Mail" or "Priority Mail Express" at checkout to have your candles delivered in 1-3 days!

New Products

Stay tuned to find out about new products in the works! You can follow my Instagram or Facebook to get updates, check back here, or subscribe to the mailing list!

Wax Melts: Eco-friendly packaging has been found and all your favorite scents will be offered as wax melts!

Reed Diffusers: Prototyping is in progress as I refine my formula and find eco-friendly packaging.

Room Sprays: Still in the research and development phase.


I'm thrilled to be back, and I hope you're as excited as I am! New products are in progress, and I'm super excited for each and every launch day! Colorado is beautiful, and the weather here is a bit wacky, but the people here are very nice and I hope to have my own storefront one day!

The Witch

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