Shipping Delays + Holiday Orders

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

First off I want to thank you all for your ongoing support, and I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!


Orders + Shipping

  • Orders placed online will not ship until Jan. 5th. This date is subject to change.

  • Residents of Charlottesville City and Albemarle County, Virginia can opt for personal delivery before Christmas or New Year's Day.

  • Personal delivery to the City of Charlottesville has a flat fee of $2.50; delivery to Albemarle County has a flat fee of $5.00

  • The deadline for delivery before Christmas Day is December 20th at 11:59pm EST The deadline for delivery before New Year's Day is December 27th at 11:59pm EST

  • To request delivery, fill out the contact form with your name, delivery address, and products you would like to purchase and I will send an invoice tailored to your order.

  • I will continue to service the Cville Arts Cooperative Gallery, and will do my best to keep shelves stocked.

Restocking + Product Development

  • Products that go Out of Stock before the shipping crisis has eased may remain that way for some time.

  • New product development is on hold until 2021


Shipping Crisis

Due to the ongoing shipping crisis, any orders placed online, effective immediately, will not ship until January 5th, 2021 (Charlottesville Residents, see below). This date is not set in stone and is subject to change as the situation continues to evolve and develop.

Residents of the Charlottesville Area: I am offering personal delivery for a limited time only for orders that would normally ship to the greater Charlottesville area and Albemarle County.

Orders placed before December 20th at 11:59pm will be delivered on or before Christmas Eve, while orders placed before December 27th at 11:59 will be delivered on or before New Year's Eve.

Delivery to the city of Charlottesville will cost a flat $2.50, while personal delivery to Albemarle County is a flat $5.00.

To Request Delivery: Please fill out my contact form at the bottom with your order details (name, email, delivery address, and which products you'd like to order) and I will send you an invoice tailored to your specific request.

I will continue to service the Cville Arts Cooperative Gallery on the historic downtown mall for as long as I have supplies to continue doing so.


Shipping delays have also caused issues with replenishing the materials I need to make your candles. I had, thankfully, thought to stock up ahead of time, so I still have plenty of supplies at the moment, but that may change as orders are made, and once I'm out of a size, scent, or color, I will mark it as Out of Stock. These items could remain out of stock for an extended time. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Product Development

Amidst this holiday chaos, I have put new product development on hold while I catch up with demand. I am so excited for the support and again, thank you all so much! Product development will resume in 2021, once the shipping bottleneck has eased or passed.

Thank you all once again for your patience, understanding, and trust, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

- The Witch

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