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Cancer: Like a bright summer day, with notes of coconut, orange, and honeydew.

Scorpio: Like the cool breeze of autumn floowing through an apple orchard.

Pisces: Like smooth, sweet vanilla, the tang of grapefruit, and the aroma of cherry blossom.


=== Benefits===
- Up to 40+ hour burn time each
- Small footprint
- Balanced scent throw
- Broad fragrance selection
- Each hand-poured individually
- Eco-friendly packaging
- Free of harmful phthalates
- Crafted and packaged over 4-8 hours
- Ask me about custom work!


=== Note ===
Natural soy wax may feature surface imperfections, such as small holes, bumps, or frosting. These are normal and will not affect the burn time, scent, or safety of the candle.

Water Zodiac Collection - Cancer, Scorpio, Pices

PriceFrom $50.00
  • === Cancer ===

    Top: Orange, Coconut
    Middle: Honeydew Melon 
    Bottom: Amber, Lavender

    === Scorpio ===

    Top: Cinnamon, Apple
    Middle: Nutmeg, Clove
    Bottom: Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk

    === Pisces ===

    Top: Apple, Peach, Vanilla
    Middle: Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea
    Bottom: Grapefuit, Powder